Meet Dominic Bulger

Mr. Bulger is a 2017 River Ridge graduate. He teaches choir to ninth and tenth graders with Ms. Beth Gothmann, and he teaches music to seventh and eighth grade boys. Mr. Bulger is the director of the Chamber Singer and String Ensemble. He also serves as the Dean of Boys.

When asked what he loves about being a teacher, Mr. Bulger shared:
I love surprising students with their own ability to create beauty. I love the way our concerts bring the school community together to honor the hard work of the students and to listen to something beautiful together. As an alumnus, I feel deeply indebted not only to all the teachers I had at Trinity, but also to the families who were—and are—such an integral part of the school’s life. It’s a great cloud of witnesses. To be able to give back to this community something of what it gave me when I was a student is a privilege I don’t take for granted.