“Giving students the tools for learning the truth, training their minds in the search for truth, and showing them that a life lived without the truth is a life less than human–these are all fundamental to educating students for a life befitting beings made in the image and likeness of God.”

Dr. Kerry J. Koller, Founder and Former President of Trinity Schools

Experienced leadership is essential to providing your child with a quality education. Trinity School at River Ridge’s national and local leadership team has nearly 100 years of experience working with students and families like yours.

The educational mission of Trinity Schools is overseen by a national board of trustees. The president of Trinity Schools is appointed by the board to oversee the faithful implementation of the mission, educational philosophy and pedagogy of Trinity Schools as approved by the trustees.

Steve Hendrickson is the head of school at Trinity School at River Ridge. The primary responsibility of the head of school is to lead and care for the community of learners and the execution of our educational mission.

The head of school is assisted by associate heads of school, the dean of boys, and the dean of girls, all of whom also teach in the classroom. Ellie Peters serves as the associate head of school and Dean of Girls, Patrick Murphy as the associate head of school, and Jake Olson ’04 as the dean of boys.

The Board of Trinity Schools, Inc.

Sam Claassen, CEO and Chairman of Short Elliott Hendrickson (retired) – Chairman of the Board

Joannah Clark, Ph.D. Pharmacology. Head of School, Trinity Academy

Deborah Mixell, Former Head of School, Trinity School at Greenlawn. Trinity faculty member (retired)

Paul Kane, President of LaSalle Company, Inc. CFO of People of Praise

Kathy Gleason, J.D. Attorney. Trinity School alumna

David Salmon, Director of Information Services at LaSalle Company, Inc. Trinity School alumnus