“Instead of trying to undo what our kids pick up at school, Trinity has helped us to reinforce our values and the importance of knowing how to think rather than just regurgitating facts. The focus on faith, right behavior, and reason has been evident from our son’s first weeks at Trinity.”

Trinity Parent

One of the most important factors you will consider when choosing a school for your children is how well the environment of the school supports the culture you are building at home.

At Trinity, students grow in genuine affection for what is good, true, and beautiful. Teachers provide students with an example of a life dedicated to understanding the world God made and the human beings created in God’s image and likeness. One of the most common remarks alumni make about their experience at Trinity is how genuinely they admire the faculty.

We also take the formation of our culture seriously. Junior high and high school are challenging times for young people, but at Trinity your child will be immersed in a culture where the ideals of charity, right speech, and honoring one another are consistently upheld.

For more information on our cultural distinctives, please see our official statement “A Culture of Learning and a Culture of Christian Life.