Young people, like all of us, hunger for a sense of belonging. They especially need a place where they fit in.

At Trinity School, your child will be welcomed into a genuine community of learners. A unified curriculum ensures that all students participate as equals in the same conversations, the same concerts and performances, and the same problem sets and projects, and the culture of this common conversation is rooted in mutual respect.

Over time, each student learns to contribute to the conversation and to rely upon others in the pursuit of truth, the practice of goodness and the creation of beauty. These activities, more than anything else, form the lasting bonds of friendship that are notable in Trinity classmates and alumni.

Qualities Fostered In Our Community

Students who embrace the community of learners develop a sense of wonder, strong imagination, clarity, precision, consistency, relevance, depth of inquiry, intellectual honesty and intellectual humility.
Participation in the community of learners develops a habitual vision of greatness, moral and spiritual seriousness, endurance, regard for others, humility, honesty and moral imagination.
Young men and women who learn in a community show respect for others and their views, recognize the dignity of all humans, converse and dialogue intelligently, and develop a spirit of Christian unity.

“At Trinity, we were taught to ask why. Asking why changes who you are as a learner. When I got to college I was surrounded by very smart people who could memorize things, but they didn’t always know to ask why.”

Trinity Graduate