Alumni Feature! Elena Ryan, Class of 2014

Alumni Feature!
Name: Elena Ryan
Class: 2014

Where are you today:
After graduating from the University of St. Thomas in 2018 with a computer science degree and working for a year as a software engineer in the D.C. area, I’m now in my second year of PhD studies at Princeton University in history. My area of study is politics and culture of the early American republic.

A favorite memory:
Towards the end of high school I was a student ambassador and so I attended many of the open houses. My usual post was at the “Math Card Tricks” table. While the card tricks were, of course, a great time, my favorite part was the opportunity to have conversations with wandering faculty, many of whom I didn’t even have classes with. The chance to talk about math or art or literature with teachers who took even these fleeting conversations seriously is just a snapshot of the intellectual community I loved so much there. Trinity’s culture of generous intellectual exchange sparked my passion for learning early on. Thankfully, it’s been one of the qualities that has sustained me through undergraduate and now in graduate school.