Welcoming Mr. Tyler Herndon back to the Trinity faculty

This fall, we are thrilled to welcome Mr. Tyler Herndon back to the Trinity faculty! Mr. Herndon returns to us after a brief hiatus receiving his Masters of Theological Studies in History of Christianity from the University of Notre Dame. Read more about Mr. Herndon below…

Q: Describe a significant moment of intellectual awakening in your life.
A: Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel in Israel/Palestine for three weeks and Turkey for ten days. I feel indelibly marked by the time I spent walking through the ruins of ancient Roman villages in the Galilee, exploring abandoned cave churches with exquisitely preserved iconography from the 13th century in Cappadocia, Turkey, running my hand over phenomenally old olive trees, and sitting for hours in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as the voices of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Palestinian, Ethiopian, and Syrian Christians rang out their ancient liturgies all around me. More than this, though, I am haunted by the people whom I met there. So many had borne unimaginable hardship, and yet, they were resolved to face life openly and, remarkably, with joy. Others displayed hospitality towards me as a stranger that one might have imagined only reserved for the closest of friends and family. In both cases, the beauty of the human spirit shown forth with startling clarity.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: My last few summers have been spent helping my parents with their mango farm (a relatively new venture that my dad took on a few years ago). Aside from picking and selling the fruit, we’ve spent considerable time pruning the maturing trees, planting seedlings, and grafting our favorite varietals to them. When not on the farm, I enjoy cycling, running, rock climbing, skiing, fishing, and duck hunting. Indoors, I am keen on fermenting vegetables and baking bread; reading good books; and singing old songs.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year?
A: I am excited to be back in such a wonderful community. Upon returning, I was immediately reminded of just how curious, open, interesting, and interested the faculty and students are here and how much I stand to learn with and from them.