Join us for Da Vinci Day on Saturday, March 28th

Students in grades 3-5 are invited to join us for Da Vinci Day on Saturday, March 28th from 9 a.m.-noon! Dive into one of the many facets of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius at this enrichment morning. Students are invited to attend one of three interactive workshops:

Space is limited! Register today by clicking here.

Workshop 1: Flight Construction
Come and explore flight through the physics of the paper airplane. Attendees will encounter how and why these objects fly by creating and testing different designs. There will also be opportunities to test their constructions from different heights.

Workshop 2: The Art of Paint Making
How did Leonardo da Vinci complete the Mona Lisa before canvas or oil paints were invented? Come experiment with the techniques and tools that he would have used in his studio, before creating your own Renaissance-style, egg tempera painting.

Workshop 3: Cartography
Have you ever wondered how to accurately map a landscape’s features, from sharp cliffs to sweeping valleys, or towering peaks to meandering rivers? Create your own salt-dough landscape by learning how to see and draw contour lines, and explore the tools and methods of map making past and present.