Alumnus reflects on why he is thankful for Trinity School

As we continue to reflect on why we are thankful for Trinity, we asked some alumni to share their thoughts. Here is Trinity alumnus, Trevor Johnson (’07), on why he is grateful for the community of learners and how it has benefited him as a law student and clerk:

“My experience at Trinity trained me to work collaboratively. At Trinity, we always started with the text – a common foundation on which to base the discussion – and then incorporated observations and questions from the class. Anchoring the conversation in the text allowed us to work productively towards the goal of discovering truth while still taking advantage of everyone’s input. The ability to respectfully and productively consider opposing viewpoints and advocate for my own position while acknowledging the dignity and humanity of those who disagree with me was something we practiced daily at Trinity and it continues to benefit me today.”

We are grateful for our supportive network of alumni! #communityoflearners