An education for the ‘whole being’

Ever wonder why the faculty love Trinity so much? Here is faculty member, Mrs. Abbey von Gohren, on why she is grateful for the community of learners:

“I enjoy teaching at Trinity principally because of the community of learners. It is the intellectual home I was always craving. And not intellectual in a cold way, but all of life, my whole being is engaged when I am here. I’ve spent my adult life working in and around lots of different educational institutions, including university, and I’ve never seen a place that manages to reconcile their vision with how they actually live life on a daily basis, like here. I’ve never seen a place that is able to uphold those values of being a lifelong-learner and having wonder so consistently. And it’s not just words, it’s actually lived out everyday.”

We are grateful to have teachers like Mrs. von Gohren here at Trinity! Please consider continuing to support the dynamic work of the faculty financially this season. Follow the link to give today:…/giv…/areas-of-greatest-need/