Tales From Café Inferno

Alumna Fiona Lotti (’13) directs her original work “Cafe Inferno” at the Minnesota Fringe Festival starting August 1.

Working as a barista gave Café Inferno creator Fiona Lotti a unique perspective on the culture of independent coffee shops. So when she realized that if Dante had been writing in this day and age, his Hell would look a little different. All those heretics in Circle 6 who deny the immortality of the soul – the academics, intellectuals, and attention-grabbers – would want a place to continue asserting their opinions. And all those awful artists corrupting their audience’s vision of the world? They would definitely need their soy, extra-froth cappuccinos as they brainstormed for their next soul-destroying projects. And from there, the concept ‘independent coffee shop in Dante’s Hell’ took on a life of its own. Constructed in collaboration with the ensemble, Tales From Café Inferno will feature writing by Sandy Hitchin and Fiona Lotti and original music by local actor/musician Shane Ellis.

Does Café Inferno satirize Dante? No. Like The Inferno, it satirizes sin and all the ridiculous ways we cling to appetites and self-righteousness and lose all love and joy in the process. So come for the coffee, stay for a front row seat to damnation. Welcome to Café Inferno!

Tales From Café Inferno

Minnesota Fringe :: July 30 – August 9