The Wilberforce School | Princeton, NJ

Congratulations to The Wilberforce School in Princeton, NJ as they begin their first full week!

The Wilberforce School is the first school to open as an official “Trinity Member School.”

For more information check out their website below:

“When Wilberforce leaders saw Trinity’s approach, we recognized not only its remarkable appeal but also its ability to offer a logical conclusion to the JK-8 Wilberforce training. Since that time we have worked with Trinity Schools and established a close partnership with them. Trinity has both licensed their curriculum to Wilberforce and agreed to provide guidance and training for our teachers and our leadership as we adapt their distinctive approach to our setting. We are thrilled to be welcomed as a member of this unique group of schools.”

The Wilberforce School | Princeton, NJ

The Wilberforce School of Princeton is an independent, private Christian school in Princeton, New Jersey. The Wilberforce School was founded to provide a distinctly Christian education characterized by academic excellence and joyful discovery within a classical framework. The Wilberforce school was…