The Grand Studio Affair

Trinity Alum Amie Keiffer(class of ’04) is hosting The Grand Studio Affair this Friday from 4:30 – 10 at the Vadnais Heights Commons. The show will be featuring pieces by a variety of local artists, including Elena Stanton (class of ’11) and Jennifer Soriano(Trinity Faculty) and Julia Doffing (Johnson) (class of ’04). Come out to support these young artists and enjoy a great evening! For more details, check out the link to the Facebook invite below. A fun fall event to enjoy a drink with friends and meet new faces, talent, and mingle with the featured artists at AK Artistic Productions’ The Grand Studio Affair!

$1,500 in prizes. Cash Bar. Talent. Original Art for Sale. Music. Free Parking. Free Admission. Stunning Venue.

Why would you miss it?

10 MN-Based Artists: @[40102668:2048:Amie Kieffer] @[692272020:2048:Becca Headline] @[56010845:2048:Brian Geihl] @[100000559310622:2048:Bud Bullivant] @[1257939423:2048:Cheri Meyer] @[683466920:2048:Elena Stanton] @[1079012597:2048:Jennifer Soriano] @[606541631:2048:Karen Morris] @[1029887165:2048:Kimber Fiebiger] @[100001904276634:2048:Lucky Rimpila]

Art Featured and For Sale:
Acrylics. Watercolors. Oils. Drawings. Prints. Graphic Design. Ceramics. Mosaics. Wire Sculpture. Bronze Sculpture. Bead Jewelry. Glass Work. Photography. Porcelain. & More.

See you & yours tomorrow!!

-AK & GSA Crew

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